It’s been through outages before just fine, but this time, it’s not turning back on. I have the media soaking in tank water and the filter unplugged for now. When the thunder and pouring rain stop, I’ll swap the media into a new aquaclear 20 I have in storage. (Bless you, past…

Until one time it just won’t start up again. I just had that happen with my oldest Aquaclear. It was a real pain to take it apart and get it going again…our power here goes out about once a week in the summer…but it kept going for about 10 years. Then one day the power went out, I did the usual, and…nothing. I bought a new filter that self starts after power outages. Much more convenient. 



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I actually don’t think we should shit on young women like Shailene Woodley for saying they aren’t feminists.


It’s not her fault that she’s be taught the ‘wrong’ definition of that word. It’s not her fault that she thinks it’s socially dangerous to call herself a feminist. It’s not her…


"For any would-be-canner who is short on space or time, Preserving by the Pint is exactly what you’ve been dreaming of." 

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George Takei describes the moment when he and his family were sent to an internment camp.

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god bless sdcc

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"“Those are the directors?” This question, delivered as a scoff, came from the man sitting behind me as the directors of the Etheria Film Night shorts program walked to the stage of Hollywood’s Egyptian theater for a Q&A. His disbelief that the roster of young women seated at the front of the screening room could be the creators of such diverse, violent, and funny work underscored the reason Etheria Film Night exists in the first place."

Keep an Eye Out for These Five New Women-Directed Horror and Action Films | Bitch Media

OMG, these actually sound really good, and I am a total horror wuss.

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Yes, motherfucker, THOSE ARE THE DIRECTORS.

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Swim under the rainbow bridge little guy. I”ll miss you.

So sorry. He was beautiful.

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when i have to be reminded that i am more than my phd



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